What we offer


Each Federal Screw Works division has committed engineering teams working as part of a cooperative plant work group to design, develop, and improve the processes we manage for our customers.  These teams participate in the development of design features with our customers, working to make your products more robust in their design and error free in their manufacture.

Product Design

Our engineering teams work with our customers and provide product and process design on the most advanced CAD and simulation software. Three dimensional design and DeForm software allow our engineers to simulate manufacturing conditions and make tool design more efficient and successful the first time out. Complex forming applications are fully tested with proven software before the time and expense of ordering hard tooling. Our engineering expertise allows us to find a way to save money cold forming products that traditionally require machining.

Lean Manufacturing

Federal Screw Works engineers work daily on the principles of identifying and reducing waste.  We integrate new programs into lean production systems and work cells wherever possible. Having extensive knowledge of a variety of manufacturing processes allows us to consolidate the manufacturing of your products under one roof in the most robust, cost efficient and error free process flows.


Automation is a key element in our ability to integrate manufacturing processes.  Whether home grown, engineered or purchased, Federal Screw Works has the skills to design and implement the transferring, feeding and handling of your product to improve cost, reduce handling damage and add value to our processes.

Cold forming

Federal Screw Works utilizes parts formers, progressive headers, bolt makers, and nut formers to produce cold formed parts ranging in diameter from 8mm to 54mm. Cold formed parts are either used as headed, or as near net blanks to receive secondary machining and finishing that supports our customers wide ranging needs. The cold forming process, when combined with our machining capabilities, provides for lower costs in volume applications through the reduction of stock removal and its associated scrap.


Our machining capabilities are geared for volume production of machined from bar or cold formed blank applications. Rotary transfer, multi and single spindle cnc, and standard screw machines are used to produce part sizes ranging from approximately 8mm to 75mm in diameter. Finish, roundness, concentricity, and run-out are usually held to the tightest requirements found in the automotive industry. The majority of our machined products are used in critical drivetrain, chassis, and industrial applications.

Heat Treating

Many manufacturers avoid heat treatment because of the high capital cost, service requirements, and technical challenges. The demanding requirements of our products have driven investment in thru hardening, carburizing, induction hardening, and induction annealing.  As in all of our processes, heat treatment is about controlling the critical aspects of high value components.

Secondary Operations

For those features requiring secondary operations, Federal Screw Works operates an extensive list of secondary equipment; including drilling, milling, shaving, broaching, centerless grinding, I.D. grinding, surface grinding, lapping, slurry finishing, superfinishing, knurling, shot blasting, burnishing, and assembly.

Systems Integration

At Federal Screw Works we develop and manage quality systems that are not just one size fits all. We frequently will develop and manage a complex quality system that may be process or part specific. Our job is to tailor our quality system to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our most recent program utilizes CMM machines designed and programmed to check multi station machining centers that check in process with machine interface. Our engineers have the ability to develop and implement these complex systems to provide world class results.

Grinding & Superfinishing

Through the in-house control of centerless grinding, superfinishing, burnishing, slurry, and lapping,  Federal Screw Works capabilities go well beyond most of our competitors.  Our process and technical ability is the result of many years of critical part production and the accountability that goes with it.